Springtime Means Event Time!

Image: Anita Martinz

It’s Springtime and we all know that means there are great opportunities to get out and promote your products, services, and your business at local events! Fairs, home shows, and community events are a great way to generate leads and interest in you as a local retailer. That being said, we have decided to put together a blog series outlining some tips and tricks for participating in events. From finding event opportunities in your area to choosing the right event representatives to run your booth, we’ll be covering all there is to know about bringing your business out for a day in the sun.

I encourage all of you to try out many different forms of advertising, and many of you already know what works for you and what doesn’t. Events are one of those things that can work for anyone as long as you have the right attitude and are ready to tell the public about your business face to face. The beauty of marketing your business at an event as opposed to other tactics is that the potential customer gets to meet with you (or your carefully chosen event rep) in person and get to know you and your business. This is something that a print ad or even a TV spot can’t achieve. You have the opportunity to make a connection with the public, and people want to make purchases from someone who they know and trust.

Not only do you have the opportunity to generate leads through a personal connection, but you also have the added bonus of being able to demonstrate your product to the customer on the spot. Being able to put the product into the hands of a potential customer is a powerful thing. Sure, this happens in your showroom, but you have to rely on the customers to come to you for that. When you participate in an event, you are bringing your product to the customer where they already are– no extra effort on their part required.

If you’re just getting started and have yet to participate in a local event or even if you’re a seasoned trade show pro, you’ll be sure to find something in our upcoming series that you can put to use for your business. So stay tuned to this blog over the next few weeks, break out the tent, balloons, and signage and join the crowd at the many spring and summer worthy events coming your way this season!

Where will we see your business this Spring and Summer? Let us know in the comments below!

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