Keys to a Great Event Setup

When setting up for an event there are a few things to consider. You always want to make sure that your booth is pleasing to the eye and that you allow enough space for potential customers to interact with you. Here are some things to think about:

  • Easy Flow: Design a layout for your table and shelving. Preferably with all tables and shelving being in a U-shape along the back and sides of your space or allowing enough space for people to move around freely. This will allow customers easy access in and out of your booth. The worst thing you could do is have a cluster of people in your booth that can’t move around and really see what you have to offer.
  • Clear Display: Keep your display clear and tidy. You don’t want to clutter your display space or people won’t want to enter it. Keep smaller items on the table or on shelves and make sure everything is visually appealing. You can group like give away items together. Once you have set up your area, take a step back and view your booth space as a whole. Is it inviting? Is it cluttered? If you were passing by this booth would you stop in?
  • Cover the Tables: Covering your table with tablecloth or a bed sheet adds an extra decorative touch to your booth. This will also help to hide an ugly folding table and to create additional storage space underneath for boxes and other items you don’t want out in the open.
  • Add Signage:  Signage tells customers who you are and what you have to offer. Make sure to have some kind of signage that displays your business information including your business name, telephone number, and/or website. This is a great opportunity to brand yourself as a local retailer! Choose a bright sign that clearly states your name– and make sure that the font is simple and bold! Fancy fonts may look nice, but they are harder to read.

What about Outdoor Events?

Outdoor booth setup is almost the same as an indoor booth. In addition to the items above, some things you may want to have in your outdoor booth include: chairs, tables, tent, balloons, display shelves, and signs. Here are some additional tips specifically for outdoor events:

  • Talk to the Event Coordinator: Find out the details as to how early you can set up your booth. Sometimes you may be able to set up the night before. Things may get hectic in the morning with all of the other vendors attempting to set up. You don’t want to forget anything the day of your event!
  • Set up a Tent: Having a tent helps to protect your products and your staff from most weather conditions, whether it’s sun, wind, or rain. Co-op eligible DISH tents can be purchased through or
  • Arrange Your Tables and Displays: As mentioned before, set up your tables and shelves so that people can easily walk around your tent or booth. Bringing your tables towards the back of your tent with displays on it brings people into the area for a better look. Chairs make a good place for you to spend any downtime as well as for potential customers to sit while you explain your product in more detail.
  • Balloons: Tie balloons to your booth to attract attention to it and make sure that they are bright and coordinate with the color scheme of your booth.  Balloons also provide a fun diversion for restless children while you speak to their parents. Have a few prepped so that they are easily accessible.

What special touches do you add to your events? Tell us in the comments below!

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