Does your event staff have the right stuff?

Having the right staff for your events can help to make or break people’s perception of your company. Your staff is representation of who your company is and you should always keep that in mind whether it be for staffing your store or a booth at the county fair. There are a few major qualities and characteristics you should look for when choosing your staff. With these traits you are sure to catch the attention of the crowd and be well on your way to making sales!


Your event staff should always appear happy and enthusiastic about the event. Potential customers want to be approached or to approach someone who looks friendly. If your staff is friendly and looks like they are having fun, potential customers will see how excited everyone is about your product and they will get an outstanding first impression of your company. They are likely to recall how fun and easy-going everyone was and that gives them a sense of how easy you are to work with. Remember that a negative attitude is easily recognized, and in some cases it may even be contagious.


Your staff should not only consist of people who are high energy and kind, but it should include people who are easy to approach and that have great communication skills. Keep in mind that these are the people who will be representing your company. You should make sure that your staff is able to catch the attention of potential clients and summarize the capabilities of your products quickly and completely.


Knowledge is power! It is important to make sure that your staff knows the ins and outs of your products and services. They should also know your marketing strategy and how to recognize a potential lead. Based on a customer’s needs, your staff should be able to steer the conversation in a direction so that the customer can relate, thus creating the potential to make a sale.


Always make sure your staff looks professional. This means having tamed hair, wrinkle free clothes, natural looking makeup, and a fresh appearance. To assist in this, make sure your staff is well rested and prepared the night before. Potential leads will judge you initially off of two things: how well put together you are and how well put together your booth is. If you would like for your staff to have a uniform look, logo branded shirts for DISH retailers are available and co-op eligible on DISH STUFF via the Retailer Care Site.

Remember that even if you choose to represent your business yourself, these tips still apply!

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