The Most Event-ful Time of the Year

Hey everyone!  It’s Emily again, and I know what a painful process it can be to find a great event to work your selling magic, but I’ve done the first step for you!  Below, there is a link that will connect you to tons of events surrounding each and every one of our retailers.  While these events are not co-op pre-approved, I have researched all of them to ensure they have maximum selling potential for you.  Also,  I have included a few tips to help you while your out and about in your community.

1. Capitalize:  This is the time of year when everyone gets back together after summer break, so there tends to be an influx of events, especially through your local schools and chamber of commerce.  Take advantage!  Not only are these events usually less expensive, it’s a great way for you to become a fixture and face in the community. 

2. Timing is Everything:  Remember what time of year we’re coming upon: Fall!  This means back to school, football and upcoming holidays.  Use these as selling points when talking to your customers – whether it’s a going away present for the new college student, for the sports fanatic or the perfect Christmas present, you should be able to convince everyone  your products are a great buy.

3.  Be Vocal:  When you are participating in an event, let EVERYONE know!  Put a poster up in your store, place an ad in the newspaper, or, even something as small as calling the radio station and plugging the event on the way will do the trick.  This will not only drive more people to the event, but also create more traffic to your booth, equaling more hot leads and potential sales.  Plus, the event management staff will be grateful for helping make their event a success.

Like I said, these events are not co-op pre-approved, but they are great opportunities to get your name out and start selling.  Interested in participating?  Call the number listed, get a copy of the contract, and submit through our website or email to adv@dowelectronics with your completed pre-approval form.  It’s that easy to get started on selling to your entire community. Without further ado, here is my list of events.

Let us know in the comments below if your business will make an appearance at any of these events!

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