RingCentral Road Show Recap

On November 1, DOW Electronics hosted the RingCentral 2012 Fall Road Show at our headquarters in Tampa, FL.   This road show, which also made appearances at DOW Electronics’ branches in Nashville, Orlando, Atlanta and Charlotte, allowed retailers to rejuvenate and refresh their RingCentral knowledge and training.

The Road Show covered such topics as best practices for selling RingCentral, demonstrations of new phone systems and products, a review of the new RingCentral platform, reviews of the partner portals and more. Many retailers noted the benefits of the session because of the way RingCentral geared the presentation to real business experiences.

“The presentation was good, because it had more focus on how I can get started selling this to my existing customers, and to new customers in my marketing,” said Jay from Intechgrate Systems.

The intimate class size, combined with RingCentral’s trainer Shane Rochester, gave our retailers the opportunity to see a feature rich phone system that allows a small business to improve their operating processes to not only reduce the cost of the of their phone systems, but to make other aspects more profitable.

“The information presented by trainer Shane Rochester was very beneficial,” stated DOW Electronics Area Sales Representative Craig Parrot.  “With the smaller group size, they were able to offer one-on-one assistance for specific questions on the competition, RingCentral’s target audience, and the most efficient selling process for RingCentral’s products and services.  This helps the small retailer understand where the business stands now, and where it is going, so they can evolve with the changes RingCentral is making.”

Following the training session, RingCentral and the attendees enjoyed a more laid back networking session at The Tampa Bay Brew Company, which DOW Electronics Tampa Branch Manager Michael Hurwitz noted was very successful.

“Many people came and utilized the opportunity to ask questions specifically about their business,” stated Hurwitz.  “They got the opportunity to discuss what issues they were seeing in day-to-day business activities, and RingCentral supported each of them with great tips and advice they could use to solve these issues.”               

The valuable inside information and training, along with our retailer participation made this show a huge success!  Thank you to RingCentral for supporting our retailers and providing an excellent, hands-on learning experience.

And, for all you retailers out there, keep an eye out for more training sessions like the RingCentral roadshow – you can’t afford to miss out.

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