2012 – A Year in Review

President and CEO of DOW Electronics, Chip Yodzis, is our guest blogger this week, reviewing the high-notes of 2012 for DOW Electronics.

The year 2012 saw many changes in both our industry and in DOW Electronics’ structure and brand.  The year kicked off with the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas in early January and the introduction of DISH’s Hopper.  The Hopper is DISH’s whole-home DVR allowing users to connect up to 4 HDTVs from a single Hopper and 3 Joeys with full DVR functionality on e1very TV.  The Hopper also incorporates radical new technologies such as:  PrimeTime Anytime giving instant access to 8 days of recorded primetime content from the four major networks; AutoHop technology allowing users to choose to automatically skip commercials on PrimeTimeAnytime recordings; a 2 TB hard drive – the largest in the pay-TV industry; and other fantastic consumer-friendly features.

In May, DOW Electronics and our retailers attended DISH’s annual Team Summit held in Orlando, FL in the largest attendance numbers ever. The focus of this year’s Team Summit was ensuring that retailers were prepared for the exciting future, as DISH was authorized by the FCC to use the 40 MHz of wireless spectrum that they purchased for $3.5 billion.  The opportunity to use this wireless spectrum gives DISH the opening to enter the exciting new business of wireless communications using mobile handheld devices as well as wireless communications in homes and businesses.  Both Charlie Ergen, DISH’s Chairman, and Joe Clayton, DISH’s CEO, echoed the importance of retailers being prepared by having professional showrooms and sales personnel capable of demonstrating the newest technologies in order to take advantage of the opportunities available both now and in the future.

DOW Electronics continued its push into the consumer electronics and mobile audio/video markets with the acquisition of well-known product lines like LG, URC, Logitec, Rosen, Scosche, Farenheit, EchoMaster, CPS Warranties, and more.  In addition, DOW Electronics put plans into motion to increase its outside sales force presence by a total of nine new field sales representatives.  As part of this increased push into consumer electronics, mobile audio/video, security products, and VoIP business phone systems, a new logo was unveiled at our annual Sales and Management Meeting that incorporates elements of our 50+ year old logo along with new graphics to reflect the bright future we see in the coming years.

October also saw the launch of the newest generation of HughesNet’s satellite broadband offering, dubbed Gen4 that allowed consumers fast download speeds that rival, and often exceed, other high speed broadband offerings.  DISH’s high speed satellite broadband offerings were renamed dishNET and provided high speed broadband via HughesNet or Exede throughout the southeast US and allowed atommonthly discounts by bundling DISH’s video offerings with the new dishNET high speed broadband offerings.  These offerings opened up new sales opportunities for our retailers and allowed them to solidify their position as the local expert in their markets.

In the New Year, I encourage our retailers to continue to utilize all available opportunities and focus on capitalizing on the prospects that are available to them in their markets, with their local showrooms and abilities to market and connect to consumers on a community level.  The key item for our retailers in the coming year is to ensure they continue to prove themselves as the local experts in satellite video, satellite broadband, and all consumer electronic products in their hometowns and surrounding areas.

All of us at DOW Electronics wish you and your families a safe, prosperous, and healthy New Year.  Thank you for your business in 2012 and we look forward to serving your needs in 2013.

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