If You Aren’t Blasting…

Then you should think about starting.  I’m talking about email blasting your marketing message to current and potential customers.  Think about it: almost everyone has an email address and checks their inbox daily, and a substantial portion of those same people have connected those email accounts to their smart phones and tablets.  This creates an easy, instant and inexpensive way to reach your audience.  Here at DOW Electronics, we send out email blasts regularly and chances are you have received one from us, so we know the ins and outs of making the most of your email initiatives.


There are a few simple rules you will need to follow before you get started.  In order to preserve email and internet privacy, governing against spam is extremely important.  Make sure all the email addresses you are sending to have subscribed to receive your email blast so that you aren’t flagged for sending unwanted email, which can get you in trouble.  To help with spam, always include your company name and information to confirm the legitimacy of the message.  Also, when setting up your emails, you will need to include an ‘Unsubscribe’ link for those who are no longer interested in receiving your communications.  There are plenty of email services you can use to send your email marketing, such as Vertical Response, Constant Contact and Mail Chimp, which can also provide professional-looking templates and in-depth instructions to ensure you get the most out of each email.


Even though email marketing is inexpensive (as low as 2₵ per email address), putting out irrelevant or useless information will deter your readers and push them to unsubscribe.  One of the first considerations is the email’s length – think about how much you read in any given email, and how fast you press delete before you get bored.  Creating an email that is too long will quickly lose your readers’ interest, so 5-6 paragraphs should be the maximum length of your email blast.  Second, create a subject line that creates interest for your readers – give them just enough information to entice them, but not too much they don’t need to read the content.  From there, the world is yours – as long as you add in your personal touches and it pertains to your subscribers.  You can include product specials, sales, event information, contest and important company information and updates. By maintaining relevant content, your readers are more likely to stay tuned in to future blasts.


Ultimately, self-promotion is the best way for people to pay attention to your email campaigns.  Providing a subscription link on Facebook, Twitter and any other social media or networking site can work wonders.  Chances are, if they are following you on one of these sites, they will want to know what you are sending in emails.  Also, an inexpensive free gift, like a free eBook or industry report, is a great incentive for getting people to join and read your e-blasts.  Always ask for email addresses from new or potential clients and their permission to send email communications – the worst they can say is no, but if you let them know that by subscribing to your blasts they will receive frequent sales and specials, they will most likely say yes.

Email campaigns are simply one of the best ways to get your message to your audience – most of us that have email accounts and use them regularly check them more than once a day.  Therefore, you have at least one, if not two opportunities each day to reach your audience with your message, whatever it may be.  And since it is so inexpensive compared to any other marketing tactic currently on the market, you should start taking advantage of the potential return on investment email marketing has to offer.

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