Best Sales Practices for dishNET

Since dishNET internet is a fairly new service, everyone is still learning the ins and outs of selling what is best for the customer.  Now that we have been in the game for a few months, some trends have emerged, and below describes those emerging trends so you know the best way to sell this service to possible dishNET customers in your area:


Those customers indicating they having gaming units, like Xbox or Playstation, are generally not happy with the dishNET service.  The delayed response time from satellite back to earth interferes with the ability to successfully game while online.  DishNET is not recommended for this style of internet user.

Multiple Dwelling Units/Multiple Dishes:

Those people living in a multiple dwelling unit may have a limitation to the number of dish units they are allowed to mount on their porches.  Additionally, many homeowners were not aware that multiple dishes would be required.  This creates an aesthetic issue for the homeowner or dweller, and disappointment that not one unit can be used for both internet and video.  Be sure to clarify this with your potential customer, noting that there is not a plan for a solo-dish solution coming anytime in the near future.

Data Caps and Throttling:

Some potential customers may be hesitant about using dishNET, even though their internet usage falls within a specific data plan.  When speaking with potential customers about using dishNET, shDoc1ow them the Plan Selector Tool to right-size their internet needs.  This tool easily converts normal internet activities into a usage estimate and gives you a personalized data package recommendation.


In addition to data caps, many customers are concerned about throttling.  Because so many have generated a very large cellular phone bill because they have exceeded their monthly data cap, they believe the same will happen if they exceed their internet data cap. This is not an issue with internet usage, as it will only slow down the data speed until the data cap resets.  Resets happen monthly, on the anniversary date of activation, and are throttled to about 128Kpbs to 256Kpbs.

Urban Issues

It is always important to remember dishNET is not offered to or recommend to those in urban areas.  There are better and less expensive options for those living in metropolitan areas, so trying to sell dishNET to someone living in or near a large city is only going to result in a future cancellation, as they will eventually find a different service for a lower price.

Being aware of these points can prevent cancellation or refusal to purchase from the beginning.  Remember to always keep your customers’ needs and situation in mind so you can always offer them what they need from the get-go.  This will not only help generate more sales, but prevent those from cancelling service.

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