Preparing for Team Summit – Part One


With Team Summit just two short months away, it is never too early to prep yourself, and your team for the event.  More information will soon be coming from DISH, but this is just to help you with mentally preparing for Team Summit 2013.

Identify Your Goals

Why exactly are you attending Team Summit?  If you step into the conference with no defined goals or purpose for attending, you are bound to leave disappointed.  Do some homework about the schedule of events, training seminars and entertainment now so you can compile a list of goals you would like to complete while you are at the conference.  This research will let you know what to expect before you arrive and will help you determine where you and your team need to be. Whether it is networking, learning more about your role as a DISH retailer, or simply focusing on training, knowing your own expectations will set you up for success from the start.

Plan an Agenda

You can find this year’s tentative schedule here with a more defined list of training classes and schedule available in April.   Go ahead and start planning where you want to be and what classes and seminars you know you want to attend.  Planning for this now will allow you to make the best of your time at Team Summit, and ensure that you haven’t overbooked your time in San Antonio.  Also, if you have a team going to Team Summit with you, planning ahead will allow you to pick the individual training seminars that will benefit your team members the most.  For example, if one of your sales team needs help with general marketing, you can send him to any one of the marketing seminars offered, instead of the sales training.

Check, and Double-check

 Since you will be gone from the office or store-front for several days, just keep in mind that you may need to double-check that all your travel arrangements are set up.  I like to ensure I have booked the correct flight to and from the event, the hotel has my reservation noted, and everything has my name spelled correctly.  On top of travel arrangements, you will need someone to ‘hold down the fort’ while you are away.  Letting people know you will be out of the office in advance is always a good start, but you will need to make sure someone is available to take orders, handle issues and anything else that arises while you are out.  Emergencies and glitches are bound to happen, but having someone handle this office matter while you are gone will enable you to focus on the conference.

As more and more information comes in, we will be sure to pass your way.  And stay tuned in for ‘Prepping for Team Summit – Part II’ which will be a more in-depth look at those items you will need to prepare prior to leaving for San Antonio!

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