Employee Training – Get the Most from your New Hire

New employees, and the training process, are bound to happen when you run a business.  According to Forbes Magazine, the average person changes jobs every 4.4 years, especially Millennials, so it is inevitable that you will have to hire and re-train a new employee.

So, what is the best way you get the most out of your training process, and the best performance from your new hire?  Many feel that education solely on role responsibilities is the best; however, the manner in which you approach training, combined with supplemental materials can provide the best method for your new worker.


Creating a positive training environment is crucial in getting your new employee off on the right foot.  It will not only foster development in their new role, but will also help with confidence levels.  Being patient is also a part of the process for you or your trainers – beginner mistakes will happen, so gently remind him or her why this step in your process is important, and reward achievements.  Feedback should be relayed as helpful, whether it is positive or negative, so that your new employee does not become hindered in the course of learning responsibilities.


Creating an outside list of reference points other than your company training manual can also be important in ensuring the new hire gets all the information they need.  These resources can be anything from a list of industry circulars, annual company reports, company newsletters or articles featuring your company.  This can provide insight for them to not only understand your company culture and environment, but will acclimate them to your set of expectations.  Allow them to review these materials in their training down-time to make them feel part of the team and so they are not overwhelmed with their current training.


Encouraging continuous education is important for all employees in any industry, especially those that handle anything concerning new and ever-changing technology.  Urge your employees to read industry publications and subscribe to email blasts that relate to their job responsibilities so they can stay updated on trends and changes affecting your industry.  Other options for continuous education are conferences that offer training classes and feature important keynote speakers, or you can compensate those employees who take the initiative to complete training courses outside of work hours.   While we are never too old to learn, these actions will nurture an environment suitable for learning and allow your employees to be fulfilled within their professional lives.

There are a thousand different ways for you to train and guide your new employee to get the most from their time with your company, but what and how do you like to teach your employees to ensure you get the most from them??  Comment and let us know so we can share your tips with our DOW Electronics family.

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