New Classes Available on DISH U

Many of you already know I’m a big believer in DISH U. Since the launch of the new DISH U, shortly after Team Summit last year, it’s grown and gotten better.  Readers of the DOW Electronics blog know I’ve written about it and continue to see great value in it.

Most retailers think of DISH U for their DISH-related training and that’s it.  I find that so many are unaware that DISH U also has Professional Development (PD) courses available as well.  These courses cover a wide variety of topics, outside of the DISH world, that retailers and their sales staff can benefit from.

Different course modules are grouped together and called learning tracks.  To access the different learning tracks, from the homepage click on the ‘Training Catalog’ link and then on the ‘Catalog’ tab.


From here, you will see the overall learning tracks.  Click on the triangle to the left side of the title to expand and see the individual courses within the track.


Each track consists of courses that can be taken ‘on-demand,’ meaning you can start, stop, and return to the spot where you left off whenever you’re ready to being again.  Most courses take less than an hour to complete.

This past week, DISH U added some new and exciting PD tracks (see the RetailerNews DISH U® Offers New Professional Development Tracks – for FREE! document on  DISHPortal for additional details).  These include new tracks that touch on topics such as Coaching and Communication Skills, Customer Retention Strategies, and Time Management, just to name a few.

Here are three tracks that I recommend taking as soon as possible.  These, along with others on DISH U, can make an immediate impact on your business.

  • Sales Skills Track – This track includes modules on understanding the benefits of consultative selling, conducting a needs analysis, and understanding customer expectations.
  • Customer Service Track – Within this track you’ll learn about ways to earn customer loyalty, manage customer service challenges, and effectively communicate with customers.
  • Social Media Track – Are you a little confused by social media and its place in business today?  This track will help you understand how the two go hand-in-hand.

The professional-quality content you find on DISH U would cost thousands of dollars if paid for out-of-pocket.  Remember, these training courses are designed specifically for the DISH retailer regarding new offers, equipment and day-to-day operations, so I urge you to take advantage of the valuable training resources that DISH provides its retailers.  Plus, there is a DISH U Mobile App, that allows for training on the go!  Announcements will go out as content is refreshed and new modules are added and there is even a news feed that provides current DISH headlines.

If you don’t have a DISH U training account, check with your account administrator.  There are documents on the DISH Portal that explain how to create accounts for either you or your staff.  As always, if I can be of assistance is this regard, please don’t hesitate to respond to this blog or email me directly at

What do you think of the new professional development content on DISH U?  Is there anything you’d like to see added to the current roster of training tracks?  Drop us a line in the comments section below!

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