Showroom Success

Having a physical store and location for your local customers already puts you ahead of the game – not only can your potential clients put a face with the name, but they can also utilize an expert to get the answer to their questions.  Plus, with today’s market, people love using the neighborhood shop owner, as opposed to the major chains.

But, are you maximizing the potential of your storefront?  You only have one chance to make a good and lasting impression on your potential new customer, so properly setting up your showroom is essential to your selling success.  Take a step back – or better yet, have an outsider (a friend or family member that does not spend day after day within the location) take a look at your showroom.  What is their first impression?  Chances are their first impression will be the same as your customers’ first impression, and if it leaves a sour taste in their mouth, it is time to straighten up and spruce up your display area.

Clear out the Clutter

You may not realize it, but your showroom is probably dirtier than what you think.  Have your outsider assess the cleanliness of your facilities and review the following: floors, windows, shelves and materials used on walls and desks.  If your floors have dust-bunnies and scuffs, take some time each week to clean up!  Wipe your windows of any hand and finger prints, and get rid of any materials that are damaged or outdated.  Replace any old promotional materials with new, professional looking items.  And make sure you get rid of any bulky boxes lying around to make the area neat. Cleaning once a week, as opposed to once a year, will make it easier in the long run – not only will you take pride in your space, the mess of one week is easier to tackle.  Plus, it will be cheaper than doing a complete showroom makeover and renovation!

Brand your Business

When selling to your new customer, you want to make sure they remember you and your business!  Make sure to keep signage around that represents your company, and not just the logos for items you sell – this will ensure people remember where they bought their products, and not what they bought, turning them into repeat business. A part of this does include updating logos when necessary and using a common theme to ‘decorate’ your showroom.  Putting a hodge-podge of posters all over the walls does not scream anything about your business, so include promotional items you have created, or even make posters out of advertisements you have placed in your local publications.  This will ensure your company gets remembered and will allow your customer to make the connection between you and the ads they see in the market.

Successful Sales Counter

Your sales counter is the first and last place you will leave an impression on your customer.  Take a look around – are you using coffee cups as paper clip holders?  Are their stains and dirt marks on the desk?  Or even look at the personal materials that are displayed by each individual worker.  If your sales counter looks unkempt, this could convey a sense of laziness, or lack of caring, which will influence your customer to purchase items elsewhere.

At the end of each day, take ten or fifteen minutes to clean up your daily mess and set yourself up for the next day’s work.  File paperwork in the appropriate place, throw trash out, clean up any messes and put away any items that could be considered offensive or inappropriate.  And while a few personal items are generally okay, keep it to a minimum – the last thing you want to do is engulf your professional area with personal items that may make your customer question your expertise.

Outside the Showroom

One last thing to review is how your shop appears before your customer even walks in the door.  Step outside, and take a look at the parking lot and exterior of your building.  Make sure your parking area is clear of any trash, or other items that could damage a customers’ car (nails, glass, etc.).  Also, repair any parts of your building that are deteriorating, clean any dirt or mold from the exterior and wipe the outside windows.

Ultimately, taking pride and ownership of your showroom is key to a successful business.  If you take care of your display area, customers will be more than happy to continually shop with you, and nothing will do this better than a neat and organized area where they feel comfortable.  So, go on, get to cleaning – and send us before and after pictures of your showroom!


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