RingCentral Offers Partners Additional Support

RingCentral is launching a new venture called the Channel Harmony One to Infinity Program. This program combines the efforts of the Channel and Direct sides of RingCentral, giving partners more sales support than ever before.

Every potential sales opportunity that a partner has can be fully supported by a Direct Rep (also known as Subject Matter Expert) at RingCentral, regardless of the size of the deal. The RingCentral sales representatives have extensive experience in sales and can have a wider array of potential tools to use to help close deals. These could potentially include promotions, discounts (on service and/or phones), spiffs, and more.

The partner also has the option to remain completely neutral in the deal and allow RingCentral to do all of the pitching of the product. Some partners prefer this route, as they would like to keep a consultant style role with their clients. The Subject Matter Experts can go through the entire sales process from start to finish with the client, freeing up the partner to spend time looking for more leads. The Subject Matter Experts (SMEs) are categorized based on location, potential deal size, type of company, and other factors.

This is an unprecedented support feature of Partner Programs, and is showing to be very promising for all parties involved. There have already been large-scale deals that have been put through thanks to the combined efforts of the partners and the SMEs at RingCentral. The projected growth of the RingCentral Partner Program is continuing to expand thanks to the launch of the Channel Harmony One to Infinity program.

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