Are you offering landscape audio solutions?

Now that we’re past Memorial Day, your customers are frequently utilizing their backyards for activities and outdoor entertaining. While you may have set up whole home audio systems for them inside, did you add on a landscape audio system to complete their audio experience? Landscape audio systems offer many benefits for your customers and for custom integrators.

For your customer, a landscape audio system offers the best listening experience outdoors. Small speakers are spaced out around the yard providing music throughout the area at an even volume no matter where they are. Unlike centralized speaker systems, the music will not be overly loud in one area just so that it can be heard in the corners of the yard. The speakers can be placed inconspicuously so that they are not interrupting the landscaping or hanging off structures. A below ground subwoofer provides depth to the sound while being hidden in the foliage.

A customer’s neighbors will also appreciate the landscape audio system. Instead of the sound emanating out from the house towards the yard, the sound points from the outer edges back towards the house. This minimizes the amount of sound that spills into a neighbor’s yard interrupting their music, conversation or serene quiet. Also, as mentioned above, the overall volume of a landscape audio system can be lower while still reaching all corners of the space.

A benefit for the customer and integrator is the scalability of a good landscape audio system. Customers get a system that can be designed specifically to fit the shape and size of their yard, maximizing their enjoyment. Integrators get a single system solution without needing to worry about mixing different products or systems together. This makes it easy for an integrator to design a system and estimate the costs and labor.

Lastly, but not least in importance, landscape audio systems offer great margin opportunities plus installation revenue. Landscape audio is not a typical DIY product, customers want a quality, professional installation. Increase your revenue this summer by adding landscape audio to your company’s offerings.

At DOW, we believe landscape audio has great potential for our customers. To help integrators, DOW has free demo loaner kits available that can be used to prove the amazing audio quality. Experience landscape audio yourself so you can speak confidently to your customers.

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