Why Vivint is the better choice for FASTER response times

Every day, more and more homeowners are considering home security for both safety and peace of mind.  Consumers get bombarded with solicitations from all sorts of security companies, and at the end of the day, there’s just one facet of monitored security that a homeowner should be concerned about – Response time.  After all, if an alarm is tripped due to a break-in, how fast will the authorities respond?  Will they respond at all?  These are valid points that need to be addressed before considering any monitored security service.

Monitored security companies are using a common term, verified response, to address authority response time.   A verified response comes in the form of a sound or verbal communication that a crime could be occurring.  When an alarm is activated, a monitored station must “verify” that the alert is true and not tripped as a false alarm.  Up until now, the most usual means to determine if the alarm is real is to call the homeowner using any phone number they have on file for that particular customer.  What happens if a client can’t answer the call from the monitoring station?  You guessed it; that call goes to the bottom of the dispatch list.  As a false alarm, chances of the authorities showing up to assess the home for a burglary are slim to none.

Vivint’s two-way voice feature on the Sky Control Panel allows Vivint’s monitoring station to physically listen for a sound or verbal communication that a crime is occurring.  Sounds that can inhibit a verified response include yelling, voices, glass breakage, the movement of household furniture, etc.  This feature alone awards Vivint one of the fastest response times in the industry and, simply, the most obvious choice for monitored security services.

When assessing the security service your business wants to partner with, compare other company’s response claims to Vivint’s verified response capabilities. Which do you want your business to stand behind?

To learn more about Vinvint and its innovative technology contact our Vivint Sales Manager at craig.parrot@dowelectronics.com. 




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