RingCentral has offerings to fit every business: Office Essentials

RingCentral has a wide range of offerings, including a lower priced, simpler (but still impressive) Office package called “Essentials”. This tier is for businesses with up to 10 users who are looking for a less advanced feature set than the other Office Tiers.

RingCentral is continually listening to the market and their customers and adjusting accordingly. The “Essentials” tier is just one example of that. Many small businesses are still learning about the inevitable transition from traditional phones to cloud based systems. Sometimes, business owners would prefer to keep things as similar as they were before in order to avoid a large learning curve for their employees.

RingCentral Office Essentials is a basic edition of a cloud based communications platform that still offers much of the versatility that is treasured with RingCentral along with a lower price offering.

Here is a link to the Plans and Pricing page: https://www.ringcentral.com/office/plansandpricing.html

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RingCentral’s “Channel Harmony” Makes Selling Simple & Easy

RingCentral has clearly established itself as a market leader in the VoIP industry. The VoIP industry has proven that it is here to stay and is entering a massive growth phase. This makes the idea of partnering to sell RingCentral extremely enticing. Not only does the product sell itself with an all-inclusive feature set and consistent reliability, but the sales process has become so easy that the partner can have a hands off approach if they would like to.

Enter “Channel Harmony”, RingCentral’s genius method to make selling the platform simple and easy. When a partner registers a prospect, RingCentral will call either the customer or the partner and begin the sales process. From start to finish, the RingCentral Partner Program offers skilled sales representatives to walk the customer and the partner from start to finish.

I’ve personally witnessed the effectiveness of this program with a partner that closed a large deal (customer’s monthly bill was approximately $6300 per month). The partner handed the lead off to RingCentral and the reps worked it for months. Within a few months, the partner was informed that his deal was closed and he received upwards of $20,000 deposited directly into his account.

With incentives like these and a process so smooth, it’s no wonder why the RingCentral Partner Program has become a major part of the company’s growth. The Channel’s portion of overall sales throughout RingCentral jumps from year to year. With the VoIP posed to become the standard in telephony within the near future, becoming a RingCentral partner is an obvious choice to grow your revenue.