Why Not Use YouTube in your Showroom?

If you’re a DISH retailer, you’ve probably already seen the Weekly DISH about DISH’s YouTube channel. Now, like most people, I generally use YouTube to watch funny cat videos… unfortunately there weren’t any to be found here, so instead I took some time to browse around the page :). I started thinking about our retailers and how this page isn’t just a great place to kill some time watching funny videos (check out the one below!), but it could also be a great resource for your showrooms and kiosks!


Here in the Marketing Department, we are often asked for promotional videos that can be played on a loop for customers to see in a showroom. We don’t usually receive these kinds of materials from DISH, but the DISH YouTube channel has plenty of content that could be used in your showrooms. Just set one of the playlists to run on a TV in your showroom and you can loop Hopper ads, promotional spots, how-to videos and even programming clips for your potential customers’ viewing pleasure! Clips of popular shows give customers an idea of what they’ll be getting with DISH, and how-to videos do a great job of explaining features like Primetime Anytime and TV Everywhere quickly and simply.

It’s definitely worth a few minutes of your time to head over to DISH’s channel to take a look at all of the funny, informative, and entertaining videos that are available (even if there aren’t any cat videos!). Even though this particular blog post is focused on DISH’s YouTube channel, don’t be afraid to branch out and see what’s available for the other products you may offer.  Sony, LG, and Onkyo all have great YouTube channels, to name a few.

When you’re done browsing around, make sure to come back and tell us what your favorite clip was in the comments!

P.S. If you like videos and can’t get enough of the Boston Guys, make sure to take a look at DISH’s Facebook page— there are a ton of interviews with the guys! You can get their thoughts on life, philosophy, and… Justin Bieber?


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